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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Gallo Realty has all the tools to help you get your home sold.  Let our listing agents guide you through the selling process and educate you on the smartest moves to make on isting and selling your home.  We have three convenient offices to serve you in Rehoboth Beach, Lewes and Bethany Beach.  Contact us today!

Six Easy Low-cost Energy Savers

Apr 29, 2017
According to , the average American household spends more than $2,200 a year on energy bills, with nearly half of that amount spent on heating and cooling. Here are six easy, low-cost ideas to cut those bills down. Change your air filters. It’s a chore that’s easily forgotten, so put it on your calendar every one month to three months. Dirty filters slow air flow causing your heat...

Areas To Upgrade Before Selling Your Home

Feb 17, 2016
When you put your home on the market, you want to earn a decent profit. You can then use this money to put away for a rainy day, or you can use it as a down payment on another property. No matter your reason, the only way you’ll get top dollar for your home is to make the necessary upgrades. Check out the following areas you need to upgrade before you put your home on the market. Bathroom...

Seller's Advice: Your Checklist for An Impressive Showing

Jan 18, 2015
Once your home goes on the market, real estate agents may call to show your home anytime, day or evening. Keeping your home "showtime" ready can be challenging, especially if you have children and pets. What you need to stay organized is a handy checklist so you can be ready to show at any time. When you get the call that buyers are on their way, give everyone in the household a basket and assign...

Five Home Improvements to Avoid for Resale

Nov 17, 2014
It's only natural to make the home you bought more comfortable and functional for your household. But before you put in a hot tub or convert the garage into a bedroom, think about whether or not these improvements will add or subtract perceived value from your home someday. Even though selling your home could be years away, keep in mind that not all home improvements are welcome to buyers. When...

What your home is really worth

Aug 25, 2012
NEW YORK (Money Magazine) Think like an appraiser and figure out your home's true value. When it comes to assessing a home's value, real estate agents and homeowners tend to be an optimistic bunch. In the post-bust world, appraisers are a different story. They have to predict a realistic value for your home that the bank can use to extend credit to a borrower -- and that number can make or break...

Helping Sellers Maximize Their Profit Potential

Aug 21, 2012
For most people their home is their largest investment. It is most likely going to bring the greatest return on investment and it is perhaps the only investment that allows you to enjoy it while it increases in value. Therefore, homeowners should put a lot of thought and consideration into the eventual possibility of selling the home. After all, we all sell at some point, right? Your sellers may...

Preparing Your Home for a Successful Open House

Jun 26, 2012
Buyers are drawn to homes that appeal to their senses. This is important to remember when preparing your home for an Open House. Through sight, sound and smell, buyers should leave your home with a lasting impression. Here are some tips to showcase your home in the best-possible light. Exterior Start outside by inspecting the front of your home from across the street. Does it have curb appeal? It...
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